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About Taniqua B.

How It All Started

Sweet T's Bio

Taniqua is a professional licensed lash technician located in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Taniqua started her lash career back in 2016 where her clientele began to grow tremendously. She attended Aveda institute in August of 2017 and graduated February of 2018. She decided to further her knowledge for her craft, so she invested in numerous master lash classes with experienced and professional lash technicians. Taniqua attended her first lash class in January of 2017,  which made her interested in becoming an esthetician. The first class taught her the concept of minks, but with her dedication in practicing, her hard work made her expertise in her craft perfect. She attended her second lash class in October of 2018 in Atlanta with a known lash tech to help her master her classic set. In May of 2019, she was ready to take her craft a step further and look into volume sets. She invested in her third class, which was the last class she attended. The volume set was the set she struggled with most, and if she had not mastered classic sets first, she would have never understood the concept of volume sets. She has always been into beauty and seeing the outcome of what little things, such as nails and lashes could do to make a person see themselves as beautiful. Being a nail tech has also always been my dream, which she began to pursue in June of 2020. She has worn lashes since 2008, and has been addicted ever since!
 All in all, Taniqua has many talents and is well round in many aspects. She is a certified esthetician, lash and nail technician, but only offers lash services at this time. It is an honor for her to have your business, and she looks forward to servicing you ladies each day at a time.


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